Registration ED-70-12
Golden beige #48
Our PV544a of 1960, from Total loss to Concours-condition.

The PV544 is a modernized version of the Volvo PV444 and is, in terms of technique, actually another car. Both cars come in looks and body clear from the same Volvo PV series. The differences between the 544 and 444 consist mainly of:
Modern technology, a modern interior (based on Amazon), significantly larger glass area, larger taillights and a modern grille.
In 1961 the B16 engine was replaced by the B18 version and the electrical system changes to 12 volts.

Purchase in 1975

In 1975 in a paddock next to the V.O.D. (The Volvo Parts Depot) in Eerbeek there was a PV544A from 1960, total loss, considerably damaged on the rear right, either for demolishing or for restoring. I bought this car for a huge amount: 200,=.

After that, the V.O.D. supplied us for thousands of guilders new parts: front and rear mudguards, all seal mouldings, all bumper parts, grill frame, innerstrips around the doors, etcetera. The remaining chrome parts were newly treated. Mr. Harry Veldhuis did the panel beating and welded in new rear mudguard edges, did the filling and sanding and spray painted the car in his new workshop in Beekbergen. Gé himself knitted new upholstery, including new headlining and sprayed light grey coating underneath, als well as the inner trunk. The front and rear axle were dismantled completely and tidied up in the original colours (the fluid lines as well).
This car turned into a beauty. (Click on pictures of Restauration 1)

At the V44-Associations Annual Member Meeting everyone agreed this was the most beautiful PV544 that very moment. (Except the board: they concluded that staff members, as I was one of them, could not compete.) Evert Eijsveld, who gained the goblet, handed it over to us.

In 1986 the engine was partly dismantled as the crankshaft bearings were ticking. The crankshaft was repolished and new bearings fitted.

The car was used very often, privately as well as for wending ceremonies. While on holiday in Australia in January 1990 in a huge storm a wall of our workshop in Dalfsen broke down and caused a lot of damage on this PV: dents in roof, bonner and trunk lid and three of the four mudguards.

Until 2005 this car was untouched.

Second restoration from 2005 on

So in 2005 we started stripping the car, everything out, everything off. Dented the roof first and then the screens. Anyway opted for a different sleek hood. Let the soil shine and reworked and painted in the original color. Cleaned upholstery and bought new mats, treated bumpers and repainted the engine.

After spraying came the best: the reduction.

And now she has been in Concours state for years in our Catacombe.
Restauration 1
Restauration 2