The Stichting Yestercar is founded in 1987 and its goal is restoring and maintaining motorcars, preferably of the brand Volvo, especially the models of at least fifteen years old.

The foundation accommodates
• nine Volvo PV's,
• six Volvo Duetts,
• four Volvo Amazons and
• a serie of Volvo 140-models, four aswell.
Moreover one finds four Volkswagen air-cooled models, beside some of remarkable bicycles.

The foundation has a building of 720 m² with a special outdoor area, containing
• a 120 m² workshop ("the Atelier"),
• 40 m² room for living and ("
the Kot"),
• 560 m² museum and rise space ("
the Catacombe").
The extensive collection of memorabilia from the fifties and 60's of the last century can not be left unannounced.

More about the founders
Jos Flipsen en Gé Wiendels.
The Foundation
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